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SEOHive Launches

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SEOHive Launches

Sheffield digital and brand agency shakes off COVID by launching new SEO service for marketers

Sheffield-based SO… Digital Communications has co-founded a new white-label SEO Service, called “SEOHive”, which has gone live early in order to help other digital and marketing agencies survive COVID-19.

Launched on 1 April 2020, the new service received orders from 14 new agency partners within the first 24 hours from the UK and as far afield as the Netherlands, America, Canada and Australia. Financially this equated to an annual turnover of £50,000 on the very first day of trading, which in turn will mean at least an additional £100,000 of revenue for the agencies who have purchased the service.

The project, which has been in the pipeline since mid-November, was due to launch later in April, but the UK lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the numbers of staff being furloughed, led to plans being expedited in order to launch the service earlier.

Never having created a productised service before, the SO…Digital Communications teamed up with an existing productised service provider from the web development industry, called Maintain.Press. In developing the service, the teams complemented each other perfectly. SO…Digital Communications providing the agency and SEO expertise, and Maintain.Press the productised infrastructure.

SO… director, Pete Everitt, explains, “We have delivered SEO retainers for our own agency clients for years, but it became apparent that other agencies were really struggling to get out of the feast or famine cycle of project work in order to establish recurring income for their own business. After being asked to develop courses and training resources online, creating a service to help digital agency owners do this seemed to be the next logical step.”

The new service is aimed at helping digital agencies deliver high-quality and reliable Search Engine Optimisation services to their clients. The differentiators between SEOHive and competitor products online are twofold. Firstly, the service is based on “pathways” that allows SEOHive to be constantly proactive on the behalf of all agency partners that sign up. Secondly, the team has developed the sales and training resources that agency partners need in order to sell their retainers and manage their side of the client relationship on an ongoing basis.

The service works on a monthly subscription model per website that each agency partner registers in their account. Additional pathways on the same website receive an additional discount. The basic premise of the pricing model is that the agency can at least double the fee charged by SEOHive directly to their own clients.

Commenting on the early success, Pete Everitt added, “The reception for SEOHive has been phenomenal. At one point in March we thought the impact of the coronavirus pandemic would mean we were going to have to shelve the whole idea for at least six months! Following the lockdown measures there was such an outreach from the digital community that we completely reversed our plans and launched the service as soon as possible to help agencies have additional tools to survive, particularly given the rise in on-line sales.”

He added, “Obviously this has given additional stability to our own business at a crucial time, but the real driving force for us is to know that we’re supporting others at a time when they need it most.”

Currently, the service supports digital agencies in the UK, the Netherlands, America, Canada and Australia, and whilst currently all support is for websites based in the English language, the team is hoping to add other languages to their portfolio in the coming months.

Closing, Pete commented, “During a global pandemic is the wrong time for us to be pushing sales, but at the same time we do have a service that can support digital agencies in their business through an uncertain time. Our goal long term is to grow SEOHive and make it the leading white-label SEO service globally, but for now we’re just happy to help make life more stable for people where we can.”

Full details of SEOHive can be found at https://seohive.co along with full pricing and contact details.