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Prospectus design

We have unique experience when it comes to creating beautiful prospectuses that create a powerful impression and make a statement about your brand.

With over 100 prospectuses designed and printed over twenty five years, including three Heist Gold award winners and numerous other awards and accolades, we have built the team and systems to help you stand out in print.

Our success is based on a strategic approach to design. Asking the right questions, discovering why your school, college or university is actually unique, and then letting the prospectus design set out a compelling narrative.

We can arrange photography and video shoots combined so your prospectus can be brought to life and its use tracked digitally using Augmented Reality.

Strategic thinking and publication planning is backed up by unique prospectus design and production systems, and legendary customers service to manage your prospectus from initial concept to print delivery, on time and budget.

If you would like a proposal that will help elevate your next prospectus, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Prospectus design specialists

  • Unique experience
  • Award-winning design team
  • Strategic approach to design… brand building
  • Over 100 prospectuses
  • Augmented reality
  • Bespoke prospectus project management systems
  • Copywriting
  • Photography and video
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Student recruitment campaigns

Whatever the challenge you are facing – for example: more attendees at an open day, or an increased database of prospects – we have the process and approach to deliver the results.

We have been creating award-winning, result driven advertising and marketing campaigns for schools, colleges and universities for over twenty years.

Our approach is fundamentally strategic: Find your unique message first – the brand position that defines you authentically and attractively, before creating compelling campaigns that get to the heart of your offer – getting more people to your open day for example.

Our campaigns work cohesively online and offline, and seek to connect all of your media, such as prospectuses and exhibitions – underpinned by a unique, memorable message. So your advertising spend benefits from the cumulative effect.

So whether you’d like a fresh approach to clearing or to bring your open day adverts to life using AR, we’d like to hear from you, and would be delighted to provide a proposal.

Student recruitment campaign specialists

  • Campaigns that build brands
  • Strategic approach finds your unique message
  • Integrated campaigns – on and offline
  • Award winning creative
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Digital marketing

Our specialist education digital marketing services aim to guide and project your school, college or university through the myriad of online marketing options.

We start by defining the outcome you require and building a profile of your audience. We then analyse competitor activity. From this we can tailor the brief and creative communications that help you stand out and deliver the messages likely to have most appeal, to get those results.

We create campaign landing spaces (on your website for example) and track all interest in campaign media so we are able to adjust and develop messages dynamically, in real time. All the time reporting and benchmarking against the results defined in the planning stage.

Our digital campaigns review and connect all areas of your online presence… UX, social media, your website, PPC and retargeting.

If you would like to give your digital marketing a new lease of life, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Digital marketing specialists

  • ROI driven approach: Get targeted, traceable results
  • Strategic digital planning
  • Integrated campaigns build your brand online
  • Competitor digital marketing analysis
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Education branding

Our brand programmes are confidential, designed to give you an edge in communications by having a greater understanding of which messages genuinely resonate with your audience.

We usually begin brand discovery with a specific challenge in mind. For example: A major marketing spend such as a new website, advertising campaign or visual identity needs to be founded on an understanding of the core offer and difference of your school, college or university.

It’s an objective, consultative process. From a briefing, we put together a bespoke Discovery programme that typically interviews key stakeholders – including senior management and students – to understand what precisely makes your institution so special, where it has appeal and where it is less strong.

Our brand report will include the definition of your actual competitors (and why) and make recommendations into the brand position and the key messages that should be conveyed in marketing communications to position you apart from your competitors.

From this foundation of understanding, creative briefs can be prepared based on insights not just speculation.

Best practise brand led marketing, delivered by an experienced, objective team.

If you would like a bespoke brand discovery programme preparing, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Education branding specialists

  • Build a sustainable, authentic education brand
  • Bespoke education brand discovery programmes
  • Experienced consultancy with compelling testimonials
  • Insight based consultancy and campaigns
  • Sustainable brand positioning
  • Cost effective – save on marketing
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Augmented Reality AR

Now your audience can bring your school, college or university to life from the pages of your prospectus (or advertising) on their smart phone or tablet using Augmented Reality AR.

Using photographs and video (usually obtained at the same shoot) and using an AR app to scan a unique icon on the printed page, your students can tell the story of their education experience with you.

AR provides an exciting brand extension within print and the SO team can help you plan and prepare your annual photo shoot to include vox- pop pieces that create an authentic impression of their experience.

Better still, by tracking downloads and plays of a given video from your print media, we can provide analytic data on audience use and preferences. Print really does integrate with digital marketing.

If you would like to find out about how AR can work for you we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Augmented Reality AR specialists

  • Exciting extension of print using video
  • Bring your institution to life in print and advertising
  • Let your students and staff tell your story
  • Video and photography on the same shoot
  • Makes analytics available for print
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Website design

The start point for all digital marketing... Does our website work? Is it easily navigable? Does our website’s design and narrative suit our objectives? What does it say about our brand? Does our user experience integrate with our CRM and e-commerce platforms seamlessly?

The SO team understand all the challenges your new website needs to address. We provide a bespoke process that will answer all of these questions, and then a design that projects and builds your brand, integrating seamlessly and attractively with offline and digital marketing, PR and social media.

A process will be created around your needs, timelines and budgets. We can even generate content including copywriting, photography and video.

We offer affordable monthly service contracts to ensure your website is always up to date with the latest plug-ins and anti virus software and we can host your website so that there are no back-end headaches.

If you would like to know more about our website design service, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Website design specialists

  • Proven quality process
  • Award winning design team
  • Integrate with digital marketing, CRM and e-commerce platforms
  • UX, SEO and hosting all inclusive
  • Copywriting and content generation
  • Photography and video production
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