Does it feel like your website isn’t working in Google?

Our SEO Audit and Health Check will give you the reasons why, and a plan to start seeing results fast!

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Our SEO Audits save you time and money!

Any marketing activity carries a cost. To some activities (PPC, Social Advertising, etc) the costs are obvious, to others (like SEO) they're a little more implied.

While PPC can give you results extremely quickly, it can also be a cash monster in the meantime. SEO, on the other hand, can take a short time to build momentum, but the ROI is far more sustainable in the long run.

SEO is a longer term process. Investing in an SEO Audit provides the clarity to understand which parts of the process need to be addressed immediately, and which are not as important to you right now, but may become considerations in the future.

Understanding your current and future competition is also key to choosing your battles within the Search Engines, and not wasting your time and money on terms that don't convert to your customers.

Our SEO Audits include:

  • SEO Health Check
  • Backlink Audit
  • Current Rankings Report
  • Speed Test (inc Core Web Vitals)
  • Keyword Research
  • Clear Recommendations for Priorities and Next Steps

What to know...

...if your current SEO strategy is working?

Being kept in the dark is one of the worst outcomes for any business seeking SEO support. Find out the true protential of your current SEO efforts and whether you really are on the right path.

...if you are wasting money?

Not everyone "gets" SEO – and that's fine. But paying for support without understanding if that is right for you can be devastating. Protect yourself by getting an independant opinion on your efforts and spend.

...what to do when nothing seems to work?

Panic certainly has no place in SEO. Taking stock of where you REALLY are is the only way to get a realistic picture of whats achieveable and in what timeframe.

Our Audits will provide you with a plan. Once you have that, we can discuss how that plan gets rolled out and when you will start to see results.

...if you will ever appear in Google?

Competition levels can be fierce and challenging. Understanding the comeptition in your area and if your website has the right infrastructure to compete is vital to any business taking SEO seriously.

...why you have lost rankings that you've held for ages?

We hear it all the time... "I used to be on page one for this, now we're nowhere!"

Whilst ranking on page one isn't a right, it's also not black magic. We can understand what's changed and what you need to do to regain vital listings.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an SEO Audit Cost?

Our SEO Audits are priced at £400.00 + VAT (if you're in the UK).

How long do the reports take to be delivered?

After we've received your order, one of our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours to obtain the details of the website to be Auditted. Once we have these details from you, reports are normally sent within 3 working days.

Can an audit be run on a website that isn't live yet?

If you're having a new website built and we can gain access for our software to crawl the staging site, then yes audits can be provided for you.

Any live data in the search engines will base based on your CURRENT website, however.

Do you offer any support beyond the recommendations?

Yes, we absolutely do!

Once you receive your recommendations we can abosultely discuss how to put that plan into place. Whether thats through the means of consultancy or a done for you service, the team at SO... have the ability to help you the way that works best for you.

Do you guarantee results?

The Audits aren't really about "results", they are a way of judging how well your current website will perform in the search engines, and what the competition levels are for you in your industry / niche.

The recommendations you receive will be based on the data gathered and our wealth of knowledge in running SEO campaigns for B2B, ecommerce, B2c, Healthcare and Education Clients.

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